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Description :
Non-syllabus based but progressive.

Introduces the 5 basic ballet positions of arms and feet.
Strong emphasis on slow floor-barre work, basic barre work and centre practice to build a good foundation.

Exercise include plies, tendus, jetes, rond de jambe at terre and en'lair, fondus, releves and grand battements.

Simple and straightforward combinations that will build body coordination and proper body alignment.

Duration : 60 minutes
Attire : Leotard, tights and soft ballet slippers for ladies.
Shirt/singlet, comfortable leggings/pants and soft ballet slippers (available in black) for men.
Class Preview :
They are very professional. They are not just conducting classes. They seek to advance the standard of ballet in Singapore. Mr Cheng and his wife Ya Ling are passionate about helping their students improve on their skills, irrespective of whether their students are those with aspirations to perform or those with a desire to learn new skills. As a Singaporean, I am very happy that Mr Cheng and Ya Ling have selected to impart their skills to Singaporeans. I am sure Cheng Ballet will go a long way to advancing the standard of ballet in Singapore.

Warmest regards. Jina
(Adult Beginner Ballet)