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Description :
Non-syllabus based but progressive.

Students will be introduced to more challenging exercises within the ballet vocabulary for barre and centre practice.

Exercises will include slow adage, petit allegro, medium jumps and basic pirouttes.

Class combinations will start to get a little more complex with strong emphasis on body alignment and clean footwork.
Duration : 60 minutes
Attire : Leotard, tights and soft ballet slippers for ladies.
Shirt/singlet, comfortable leggings/pants and soft ballet slippers (available in black) for men.
Class Preview :
I jumped into classical ballet without any formal dance experience, I found myself learning much about proper posture, turnouts and standing positions all well explained and demonstrated in ballet's original language - french! These were all very new to a IT professional like myself. Being a guy trying out ballet can be scary but under Hsienfa's and Yaling's classes, they easily make you feel comfortable and made learning ballet interesting and engaging with their professional dance experience.

Having Hsienfa as a male teacher helps eliminate the 'ballet is only for girls' mindset. Yaling's a very helpful teacher too, they often give corrective comments to help you improve your barre and centrework exercises. The girls at classes are friendly and helpful, so being the only guy in most classes won't feel that much scary if you're trying to challenge yourself with something graceful.

It's been close to a year taking classes at Cheng ballet and I learnt so much about stage performance when I participated in Snow White production in full costumes. Scary for a first timer but it was a great experience performing to an audience where you can show what you learn in class!

Aaron Liu
(Adult Elementary Ballet)