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Description :
Non-syllabus based but progressive.

Complete set of classical barre and centre exercises.

Class combinations are more demanding and complex with emphasis on both fast and slow footwork, strong musicality, technique as well as fluid but dynamic movement.

Exercises include slow adage, petit allegro, medium jumps, grand allegro, and travelling pirouttes.

Special attention paid to detailed execution of movement in various tempos,strengthening of the metatarsal, lower back and core muscles.
Correct body alignment and weight placement of the body is a must.

Duration : 90 minutes
Attire : Leotard, tights and soft ballet slippers for ladies.
Shirt/singlet, comfortable leggings/pants and soft ballet slippers (available in black) for men.
Class Preview :
I started ballet classes with Hsienfa in 2000 and his patient instruction inspired me to develop a passion for dance. I have never looked back since. Ballet gives me a new way to express myself and I also love the music. I really enjoy classes at Cheng Ballet and the stage exposure during productions helped to increase my confidence.

It is rare to find teachers like Hsienfa and Yaling who encourage and motivate students to reach their potential, no matter what their ability, experience, age, size, or body shape.

Thanks, Fiona
(Adult Intermediate Ballet)