Mr Alexis Saramite
Guest Teacher

Soloist, Paris Opera Ballet

Alexis Saramite is a soloist at the prestigious Paris Opéra Ballet. He joined the Paris Opéra Ballet School in 1988. At 17 years old he entered the Paris Opéra Ballet Company. Since then, he has been part of numerous productions by the company staged

n at the National Paris Opéra such as “La Dame aux Camélias” (John Neumeeir), “The Parc” (Prejlocaj), “Oneguine” (John Neumeer), and recently “Cinderella of Noureev” (different soloists roles), as well as touring with the company both in France and abroad (Japan, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Europe, China and Russia).

Alexis Saramite took part in the International Competition of Varna in 1994 and was ranked 2nd in the juniors division. He was invited to perform in “Nutcracker” at the Boston Ballet, then at the Houston Ballet.

Alexis Saramite - Soloist at Paris Opera BalletAlexis Saramite is the dance partner of Laetitia Pujol, the star dancer of the Paris Opéra Ballet, for galas around the world; they are especially recognised for their interpretation of Diane and Actaeon. In 2002, Alexis was chosen by Maurice Bejart to dance the first roles in his last creation for Paris Opéra Ballet “Le Concours”.

In 2002, Alexis has obtained the National Certificate of Ballet Instructor from the Ministry of the Culture in France that allows to him to teach ballet in the ParisOpéra Ballet School and in higher ballet academies in Europe. He teaches the Paris Opéra Ballet method and techniques to male and female advanced students or professional students.

During his availability, Alexis gives ballet master classes in important academies or companies in different countries such as Australian Ballet School, Hong Kong Academy of Arts, Royal Ballet School of London, Tokyo Ballet School, amongst other professional schools in USA. Alexis also gives private lessons to some of the ParisOpéra Ballet School students.

I started ballet classes with Hsienfa in 2000 and his patient instruction inspired me to develop a passion for dance. I have never looked back since. Ballet gives me a new way to express myself and I also love the music. I really enjoy classes at Cheng Ballet and the stage exposure during productions helped to increase my confidence.

It is rare to find teachers like Hsienfa and Yaling who encourage and motivate students to reach their potential, no matter what their ability, experience, age, size, or body shape.

Thanks, Fiona
(Adult Intermediate Ballet)