Concrete floors and other solid surfaces can create bodily injury as they are not "Resilient". A sprung dance floor absorbs energy while providing an even and consistent dampening affect. This is why our studios are all fitted with sprung wood floor panels with a surface finish for the safety and well-being of our students. This way, they can dance with peace of mind.

Cheng Ballet Academy also has an in-house shoppe carrying soft shoes, pointe shoes and dancewear from many brands, including Yaling's Collection.Yaling's Collection at My Ballet Shop can be viewed here. Meanwhile, all are welcome to My Ballet Shop at the academy premises.

I started ballet classes with Hsienfa in 2000 and his patient instruction inspired me to develop a passion for dance. I have never looked back since. Ballet gives me a new way to express myself and I also love the music. I really enjoy classes at Cheng Ballet and the stage exposure during productions helped to increase my confidence.

It is rare to find teachers like Hsienfa and Yaling who encourage and motivate students to reach their potential, no matter what their ability, experience, age, size, or body shape.

Thanks, Fiona
(Adult Intermediate Ballet)