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Description :
Introduction of more challenging exercises within the ballet vocabulary at barre and centre practice.

Students will warm up with the full series of barre exercises from plies, tendus, jetes,rond de jambe, fondus, rond de jambe en'lair, frappes, petit battements, developpes to grand battement at the start of class.

Class work will be more demanding and repetitive - designed to strengthen and build the correct muscles in the feet, legs and upper body.

Students will also be introduced to pointe work at the barre.

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
Attire : Yellow Uniform (Beginner pointe work required)
When we started going to Cheng Ballet Academy, we felt very fortunate that we had an opportunity to go to such a wonderful ballet school. We could immediately sense the difference from our previous ballet schools (in a good way!). It was not long till we quit the schools that we were going to and devoted our ballet dancing completely to Cheng Ballet Academy. The progress rate was amazing and moved in an exponential rate. Our flexibility improved greatly and the French names of the ballet steps became almost like our own language. Our stamina and balance was never better. Our turn out became much better. All at once, we noticed the steps that our friends struggled to do at other ballet schools we could do with complete ease. Before we knew it the steps we once found to be incredibly difficult now come to our minds with ease. Before long we were going en pointe! Our other types of dancing improved tremendously. The people we have to “blame” for our speedy progress would have to be our ballet teachers “Jie Jie Yaling” (some call her Mommy) and “The man, Uncle Hsien Fa” (some call him Daddy) and “Jie Jie Meng Hooi; we occasionally call her butterfly (long story).

Thank you, Cheng Ballet Academy! You guys are the best!!!

Julia Ng Wei Yi and Leann Lew Si Yan
(Youth Ballet 1)