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Description :
A refinement of more challenging exercises within the ballet vocabulary at barre and centre practice, including execution of these steps en pointe at the barre.

Students will warm up with the full series of barre exercises. Focus will be on proper body alignment as well as the fine execution of movements.

More emphasis will be built on strengthening and building the correct muscles for pointe work at the centre.

Correspondingly, there will be more emphasis on slow adage exercises, petit allegro, medium jumps and pirouttes in 4th and 5th positions.

Duration : 90 minutes
Attire : Light Blue Uniform
Cheng Ballet impressed us from the beginning. When we first arrived in Singapore and began looking for a ballet teacher for our 11 year old daughter, she refused to go anywhere else for a trial class after coming to this one.

Not only is it very professional, it has a lovely happy atmosphere where the children are keen to learn and the teachers are very encouraging.

Our daughter had the privilege to be involved in the Snow White production in 2007 and we were extremely impressed with the whole performance. Our daughter was delighted to get to wear such a beautifully made costume and we could see by her performance how much she had improved in the four and a half months she'd been attending classes.

Our youngest daughter has just turned three and has been attending baby ballet classes. She enjoys the class and loves to show me how to do her 'butterfly wings'.

We are very much looking forward to the Christmas performance this year.

Mrs Harris