(JULY 2015)
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Ballet Physiotherapy

Generally, physiotherapy for dancers is a specialised area of physiotherapy that involves the prevention and treatment of dance related injuries.

Here at Cheng Ballet Academy, our skilled therapists and ballet instructors provide the best combination of both physiotherapy and ballet-based exercises to rehabilitate your body and help you achieve your full potential, whether you are looking to improve foot control, turnout ,hip strength, posture, core control, flexibility or dance technique.

Our Ballet Physiotherapy class is a 1-hour dance-focussed physio class with a ballet instructor and our appointed physiotherapist who will come in every 3-4 weeks for an individual analysis and consultation. Thereafter, the instructor will be designing ballet-based exercises to address the issues.

Ballet PhysiotherapyEducation and empowerment is our top priority. With an understanding of your own body, you will get the results you desire and achieve strength, flexibility and postural control.

Our Ballet Physiotherapy classes are scheduled on :-

Monday, 10am - 11am


Email us at or call us at +65 9092 1103/+65 6235 8353 to join in!