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My Thoughts And Reflection On My Experience Participating The World Ballet Competition

Some people spend their entire lives in vain unknowingly waiting for a life changing experience, that will not only enlighten them but change their view on life, and that is why I feel so blessed to have had this enlightening experience at such a tender age. The opportunity to take part in the World Ballet Competition has been nothing but a wonderful experience for me. It matured me, pushed me to my limits and the experience and insight gained from competing on an international stage with world-class standard competitors was phenomenal. This competition has definitely broadened my horizons as a dancer and a person and is an invaluable experience.

Now, not only are there people who spend their entire lives waiting for a life changing experience, there are also people who touch others lives, whom are also the people who help others through good times and bad, guide them through difficult situations, impart life lessons to them, mature them, support them and are always there for them even in times of doubt, and I feel so fortunate and thankful to have met so many of these people in my life, and hope to use this reflection to convey my thank you’s to them; my family, Hsienfa and Yaling Lao Shi, my friends, my teachers, Cheng Ballet, SCGS and especially my mummy. I thank you for all of your unlimited support,guidance and love which without it I would not be who I am today, thank you very much it has at times of despair and darkness led me back to the light.

The competition was really an eye-opener for me, I was stunned by the first round and gave up at the beginning of the dance and let my anxiety take over and waste my many months of training. I really lost my confidence that day and I really felt like I disappointed my two lao shi and mom who did not need to take the trouble to come on this trip with me but came for my sake and most importantly I felt disappointed at myself and was angry at myself, then Hsienfa and Yaling lao shi and my mom encouraged me ,supported me and enlightened me, Hsienfa lao shi said “ this is nothing” and remembering this picked myself up and remembered why I wanted so much to get into this competition when I first said “yes I want to try to get into WBC(World Ballet Competition), no matter what it takes”: it was for my love for ballet and it was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. So I geared myself up for the next round: “Blooming” my contemporary piece……

When they called my number to get ready for my turn I was nervous yet has this adrenaline rush to want to perform, to prove why I deserve to be there, to do my love ones proud and most importantly myself proud and when they played my music I felt a surge of excitement and a sense of home and comfort when I stepped on the stage, and no doubt the score was not high I felt I did my best and felt great!

No doubt, I did not get into the finals I felt I did myself proud and I was actually lucky enough to win a pair of Grishko pointe shoes as a consolation prize and won one side of a decorated Freed shoe decorated by the dance shop which was in collaboration with WBC as my name was picked in the lucky draw!

So all in all, this experience to me will always be precious, it has definitely left an indelible mark on my life and will always be a happy and joyous memory, as it has let me see the world through the stage- a place I love so much, and I definitely will love to try again and strongly encourage anyone who wants to try to get into WBC, as nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dream, not even the sky.