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Washington Ballet School

photo1My Summer School with The Washington School of Ballet began on the 23rd of June, and I was welcomed into my dorm room at the end of the hallway. We stayed in a dorm at the American University, and the rooms were very comfortable and spacious, plus I had 2 beds to myself because I didn't have a roommate! I also had a great view from my room, it was such a blessing! In fact, I made a mini fridge for myself because I needed a fridge to store the raw food that I would be cooking!  

The Washington Ballet School Summer Intensive - by Tim Ng of Cheng Ballet AcademyThe Washington Ballet School Summer Intensive - by Tim Ng of Cheng Ballet Academy

The next day was the most laid back day in the summer intensive - we only had placement classes, where the faculty watched us take class, and placed us into our respective levels. We started school proper the following day, and delved into schedule where technique classes began at 9.30 every morning, which was followed by either men's class, or partnering class. We also had variation classes, as well as modern, jazz and flamenco classes, which were once a week. We also had rehearsals daily, where we would learn a choreography that would be shown at the end of the summer intensive. To top it off, we were broken into groups, and had to come up with a minute long choreography set to a given theme to us. Selected choreography pieces would also be showcased at the summer showcase.

The Washington Ballet School Summer Intensive - by Tim Ng of Cheng Ballet Academy

photo2Training was tough at first, as my body was not used to such intense workouts for the whole day. What made it tougher was that I had no friends there, and I only started getting closer to the dancers from week 3 onwards. As the weeks wore on, you could start seeing more and more injuries being sustained by the dancers, I too had an inflamed tendon on my left foot which I sustained at the 4th week. Thankfully, it wasn't too serious and I could dance through the discomfort. However, as time passed, I also began to become more acclimatized to the training schedule, and I found myself being able to understand and appreciate the training more, absorbing more information instead of focusing on my tiredness and trying to keep up with the class and the rest. 

photo3 The best part of this journey was that I experienced what vocational training was like, as well as the fact that I got to see what the standard was of overseas dancers and students. These opened my eyes to the reality of the world we live in, and the reality of what it takes to be a dancer. I am so glad and blessed to have been able to attend this summer school; I left with only good memories and invaluable lessons.